Awnings and Signs and Digital Printing

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Creating the perfect look for a home or business patio or outdoor space involves a lot of planning; making sure the furniture matches a desired look or atmosphere, getting plants or installations that add to the feeling, and, of course, finding an awning cover that matches the look of a building can sometimes be difficult or frustrating, especially if the building was built a few years ago and the styles have all moved on. Sometimes, a modern awning can update the look, but sometimes it is more important to match the look of the building; sometimes there needs to be a custom logo or a unique color for the canvas. No matter what the reason for a custom canvas awning, digital printing in Houston is the way to get exactly what the building needs.

Awnings and Signs

Digital canvas printing is great for awnings, but there are other things that a canvas printer can do; for businesses, churches, or other organizations that want a durable sign that is easy to store, a printed cloth or canvas sign rolls up tightly and can resist weather and sun for ages. Custom signs are not as expensive as most people think, and they are great to advertise sales, openings, fund raisers, and so much more. The same materials and printing processes that can make a beautiful custom awning or canopy can be used to make a wonderful, clean cut sign that can be used over and over again.

Long Lasting Ink

Printed patterns and logos should be done with a great digital press on good canvas to be weather and sun resistant; the wind and rain are not the worst things that work on canopies and signs. Sun bleaching is inevitable, but good digital printing in Houston is archival or resistant to fading. Wind and rain can tear canvas, but sun can leave the canvas blank as the day it was unpacked for printing. Whether the canvas will sit outside and defend tables or windows without respite from the elements, or will need to withstand months and years of dust between uses, looking bright and brand new every time it comes out, digital printing with archival ink on canvas will get the best results with the cleanest lines and the longevity worthy of the investment into custom awnings or signs.

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