How to Set Up Outdoor Canopies

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When summer is upon us, so are the intense ultraviolet rays of the sun. The sun can leave any person who roams outdoors for an extended period of time fried and drained. Instead of enjoying a beautiful sunny day, an individual may choose to stay indoors to avoid the negative effects of the sun. To counteract this problem, it’s often a good idea to seek shade. If you want to add a little extra shade to your patio or other outdoor space, consider investing in Houston canopies.

How to Select a Canopy

If you’re wondering which canopy you should purchase, review the brands. Certain brands are associated with different reputations and features, so make sure you research which models have the best ratings. Keep in mind the important features a canopy should have. An outdoor canopy should have the ability to resist the elements. As mentioned before, the sun can be particularly deadly. Choose a canopy that has UV protection so those who rest under the canopy can be shielded from the effects of excessive sunlight exposure. Seek after canopies that are 100% waterproofed as well. As you pick out a canopy, know ahead of time what size you want so you can know what sort of coverage you’ll receive. Canopies are in square and rectangular footage dimensions. Look for certain must-have accessories in your search. These can include replacement tops, side walls, roller weights, anchors, and weight bars and stakes. Last, be sure you take a peek at the warranty. Most warranties will last you anywhere from 1 to 5 years.

How to Install a Canopy

Once you’ve made your purchase, you’re set to install the canopy on your patio or other outdoor space. It’s advised to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setup, but you can rely on these directions as a guide for setting up a canopy in general. First, lay out all the tools and materials at the site where you would like to install the canopy. Spread the canopy out flat. Set 2 stakes at each corner of the canopy, approximately 3 feet away from it. One stake belongs in the center. Use a sledgehammer to pound these stakes in about 2 feet into the ground. Beginning at one corner, secure the canopy pole through the canopy’s grommet. The pole should have a rope that can be pulled and tied around the stake. Repeat these steps for each corner. Next, find the center pole and use the rope attached to the canopy to tie it to the pole. You can tighten the canopy by pounding down on the stakes further with the sledgehammer. Just be sure to not be too rough or the stakes will loosen. Voila! Now you know how to buy and set up Houston canopies.

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